Poker in Las Vegas

And if this guy Asked me for money I just shook my head and walked away and then he’s like say something and he just called me a faggot Shh don’t say that word He just said shut up hitch, I mean what do you want me to do? What up, it’s the trooper today is a Sunday It is right now a 429 the p.m. Vegas time since that’s where I live Vegas no weird, the whole concept or idea of living in Vegas the shit just seems weird Vegas is a destination a vacation destination on gambling destination But I live there that’s what I do Shutting So I quite enjoyed the game believe it or not a Venetian yesterday Couple things about the Venetian poker room Number one. It doesn’t really feel like a poker room anymore it Actually feels like an extension of the casino Which is kind of weird because at the Venetian it is an extension of the casino Poker is not a different department anymore like a separate department?

For some reason some of the dealer’s actually feel like Pit game dealers like they know nothing about poker. There are certain things that just seem to go past Quite a few of them on a regular basis On the other side of the coin Well, I mean I can speak about yesterday yesterday The game was so much better than what I think the games are usually like it venetian for me, it just seems like every time I play there it’s like $7 preflop raises and everything is super tight and whatever But yesterday was pretty good It just was Now does that have anything to do with the splash pot promotion I have no idea I Just don’t know there was a lady in my game yesterday that said some of them was the most ridiculous things that I’ve ever heard at a poker table such as with her one hundred and fifty dollar stack She got it all in with aces preflop was scared to death the entire time and Then after she won the pot went on to say that she doesn’t like to get it all in With aces preflop because like they can flop a set or something So if I can find a game of the nation that is like the game I had yesterday I Would be happy to play it Venetian. I Guess we’ll just play it by ear No pun, is that a pun?

Play poker playing i’ma play it that he shouldn’t play it by ear. What don’t sugar Bob look it up. Is that a pun? Okay There’s a really weird smell in Ti today it started Way back on the walkway that goes over the thing from the garage All right, I’m on the list let’s see how it goes.

Is that what we do every day though, we see how it goes So here’s a funny little hand I Had six eight And the flop it was like a multi-way limp on And the flop was king 8:8 So this dude am I right let out For $20, by the way, it was a straddle limp. I do let out for 20, so I just called And it folded all the way back around So then the turn was an 8 so I had about 250 going into the Turn and he actually let out for 60 so clearly he has a king and clearly Betting pretty much the size of the pot He loves his king. So I just went ahead and raised to 125 and he went ahead and shoved all in It changed a lot though the game It’s not what it was an hour ago And we were starting to get short-handed some I quit the game.

I won to 12 and now I don’t know what I’m thinking Part of me says don’t play in another game part of me says unlucky volcano time Other than across the street right in front of the volcano This is probably the best place to watch him fried appear Fill out if you go there watching it, too. I think that tomorrow being Monday and Tuesday being Tuesday I’m kind of thinking that most of the games on the strip, especially earlier like in the afternoon or whatever minds are spinning like that I was going on I think most of the games will be here at Venetian. I Think there’s a good chance that I’ll be back here and the Venetian tomorrow.

I don’t know Blow this So I was uh, I Was watching oh, I don’t know I think it’s called blue planet some nature shit on Netflix about the ocean and I was watching all these bigger fish eat sardines It mean that I always want to eat sardines I want to like but I’ve never been able to get myself to like them but they’re so healthy for you like They’re just really really good for you I think I’m gonna try it again when I was experimenting with the Kido stuff I should have been eating sardines. Then this dude right here. He’s Been asleep right there for hours. He was there when I came across I got the song going through my head.

He goes like this Mr. Go Mister go gamble I mean, what are we doing over here, you know the pellets that Oh, it’s a Hertz when a rental Hertz car rental Where you drop the key so damn hot in the daytime that When it’s night Even if it’s a hundred or a hundred and two or something like that still it feels so good when the Sun is not Above you it’s nighttime. Now. I didn’t look at the temperature, but I bet you it’s a hundred or more Yo, I uh, I Don’t know man, I feel I don’t know what I feel. I feel something. I got feelings. You know what I mean?

I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore There’s like a ton of things that I need to do with this There’s like Punker that I need to play there’s videos that I need to make All kinds of crazy shit and I don’t know what I’m doing I need to go home for a visit from my mom but I’m trying to perhaps combine it with a trip somewhere else. I Don’t know what’s going on. I need a freaking Oh, man, yo, I Guess that’s gonna do it. I Thought about going to the store to buy some sardines But now I don’t know if I’m in the mood to try to get myself to like sardines How can I get myself to like them? I don’t know. I’m feeling a little lost tonight.

Just a little bit lost. I did enjoy the game for a while that the casino cruise before it started getting short and My mind started wandering off into other places like multiple places Part of me thinks I’m trying to do too many things At one time and it’s kind of holding me up from I don’t know. I’ll figure it out. I Don’t want to burden you with my problems You know remember if you liked my videos click the thumbs up button. That’s the only problem.

I wanted to give you That you need to click the thumbs up button. Make sure you subscribe. Tell your friends about the videos leave a comment down below You know, I’ll see you next time I really will