Innovative Poker Games from Software Providers

All software providers include the standard casino poker games in their portfolio. These include games like Caribbean Stud Poker, Let It Ride and Pai Gow Poker. But some software providers offer innovative casino poker games as well, which are unique and not available with other software providers. This article discusses three such games.

Playtech offers a game called Tequila Poker. The twist in this game is that player’s have to decide whether to match their five card hand against a poker hand ranking payout table or against a hand total based on the values of the cards. And they have to make this choice after seeing four cards. After placing the ante bet four cards are dealt face up. The player can fold, in which case the ante bet is immediately lost. Or the player can choose to play Tequila Poker or High Tequila. In either case a bet equal to the ante bet is automatically placed and two additional cards are dealt. If the player has chosen to play Tequila Poker then the best five card hand from the six cards is automatically arranged. An ace pair is the lowest paying hand. The player loses both bets for lower hand rankings. For hands of ace pair or higher the ante bet is paid at even money and the main bet pays according to the Tequila Poker payout table. In High Tequila cards are valued as per blackjack with the ace always at 11 points. The highest five cards are considered for the hand value. A minimum hand value of 46 is required to win. In this case also the ante bet is paid at even money and the main bet pays according to the High Tequila payout table.

Mulligan Poker is a unique game from Vegas Technology. The innovation is that the player can replace his hand but has to raise the wager. The player places the ante bet and a voluntary independent bonus bet. His five card hand is dealt face up. The player can keep his hand or “take Mulligan”. In the latter case the raise bet is placed and the player’s hand changed. The player loses the bonus bet if he takes Mulligan. The dealer’s hand is then exposed. The dealer will automatically take Mulligan if he draws king high or less. The hands are compared in the usual poker manner. If the player has a lower hand he loses the ante and the raise. If the hands are of the same ranking these bets push. And if the player has the higher hand then both bets pay out as per the ante payout table. The bonus bet pays out against another payout table that starts from two pairs.

The most exciting game of all is Wan Doy Pairs Poker from WagerWorks. It is played with a seven card poker hand and a completely different set of hand rankings. The ante bet and the bonus bet are mandatory. The player can also place a jackpot bet. The player is then dealt his seven card hand, which is automatically arranged and the ranking indicated. The player has to fold or call. If he folds, he forfeits the ante and bonus bets but the jackpot bet stands. If he calls, he places the call wager and then his hand is compared with that of the dealer. Payouts are awarded as per rules. The jackpot bet is independently compared to a payout table. The highest ranking is four of a kind with three of a kind.